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For more than 20 years we have been working with simulation projects for the following customer groups:

  • Manufacturers from the entire European automotive industry, the aviation industry and the wind energy sector
  • General contractor in plant construction
  • Engineering offices in the plant and manufacturing sector

Research Projects

2019-2021: Mirep
Tapping the potential of the digital factory using augmented reality.

2017-2020: Robotop
Modular, open platform for industrial logistics and service robots.

2017-2019: Paint.Ing
Application for the automated design of robot-supported painting systems.

2016-2019: MANUSERV
Experience human robot cooperation.

2017-2018: Scan2Prog
Automated generation of robot paths based on 3D scan data.

2012-2015: Conexing
Tool for interdisciplinary planning and product-related virtual optimization of automated production systems.

2012-2014: VitualScan
Development of a computer-aided system of spatial sensors for the virtual commissioning of intelligent production plants.

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Product development

2017: Development of DopX
Restructuring and new development of the software DopX.

2015: Development DOP+
Integration of parameter changes of the application control with DOP.

2010: Development DOP
Start of the development of a software for the optimization of robot programs in current production in cooperation with BMW.

Further information about DopX

Seminars and training courses

Seit 1998: Seminars and training courses
Realization of seminars in the areas ROBCAD, Process Designer, Process Simulate, Robot Expert, Plant Simulation and Teamcenter Manufacturing.

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