ICARUS, milestones, highlights, development, company history


2015: Technology partner of the company Siemens

2013: Move of the company headquarters to Lüneburg

2010: Implementation of grinding plants for large components in the field of wind power plants

2003: Kinematic hose packages for simulation
The development of kinematic hose packages for simulation has been pursued for various simulation systems since 2003.

2001: Start of IT support in Wolfsburg
DICARUS Consulting GmbH operates in the area of VW Group IT. In the beginning it is about the creation of small auxiliary tools. Based on this, further tools were developed for ROBCAD. Later, developments for the eM-Planner for the application in logistics and car body construction followed.  Further topics were added with the introduction of the Process Designer. We are currently working on topics in the Teamcenter and Process Simulate environment.

2000: Software Development
SSince the year 2000 the software development supports the work in the simulation and construction area. Initially only used for internal purposes, the first external project for a customer was already being processed in 2001, here initially as a service. Since then there has been a steady growth in this area up to the first products.

1996: Foundation of the company ICARUS Consulting GmbH (5 employees) in Winsen an der Luhe
ICARUS Consulting GmbH was founded as a service provider in the field of simulation and offline programming (ROBCAD) with the original focus on car body construction. Later, the company expanded to simulation topics, such as ergonomics studies of manual workstations, the area of surface technology (offline programming of painting and corrosion protection robots) and software development. Our radius of action extends over the whole world.
The number of employees has risen continuously, as has the number and variety of the user software used. In addition to ROBCAD, simulations were carried out with Delmia V5 (aerospace industry) and since 2003 the eM-Planner has been used by ICARUS (the predecessor of the Process Designer). Already at the beginning of 2007 the first projects (car body construction) were carried out with the simulation software Process Simulate.
Today we are able to develop complex systems holistically and to apply them successfully. Due to our good networking of research, development and years of experience in robot simulation, we have gained what we believe to be a good reputation with our innovations in the field of robot-guided manufacturing and are able to advance topics again and again.