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Started with the offline programming of industrial robots, ICARUS Consulting GmbH has developed further and kept up with the times:

Our engineers feel at home in both the digital factory and software engineering. We can program virtual robots and bring the robot programs tested on the computer directly into your robots. Therefore we are able to support you with small and large projects or to carry them out completely for you.

Due to our good contacts to universities and research institutions we are involved in several research projects and work on innovative approaches in simulation for medium-sized businesses and industry.

Our many years of experience with offline programming of robots and the use of simulation systems are incorporated into our extensive range of seminars, so that you can benefit from our knowledge in many different ways.

Digital factory, robot simulation, robotics, offline programming, OLP


A digital production plant is an image of a planned or real plant, the digital twin.

Digital Factory

software engineering, software development


The creative implementation of requirements for optimal, individual simulation processes to extend the simulation tools available on the market.

Software Engineering

Innovation, research, research projects


Insights into the new world of the Digital Factory: Innovative approaches to solutions in connection with simulation for medium-sized businesses and industry.

Innovation & Research

Seminars, Trainings


The extensive range of seminars on simulation systems and offline robot programming.

Seminar Portfolio