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ICARUS has been dealing with the topic Teamcenter for several years. The focus of the activities is the transfer of current activities from the Tecnomatix eM-Server environment to the Teamcenter Manufacturing environment. This includes the handling of simulation projects in Process Simulate on Teamcenter, the data exchange between Teamcenter environments as well as between Teamcenter and the eM-Server, the availability of DopX on Teamcenter and feasible seminars with Teamcenter as data backbone. In addition, administration, configuration and customization of the Teamcenter environment are also relevant topics.

Simulation in Process Simulate on Teamcenter


In the area of simulation with Teamcenter as data basis we have already gained experience which enables us to handle a simulation project completely in Teamcenter (Manufacturing Process Planner [MPP]) and Process Simulate on Teamcenter. This includes the same activities as known from the eM-Server environment. They can be roughly grouped into the following topics:

  • Creating and editing manufacturing structures (Manufacturing Process Planner)
  • Planning of production steps and their sequence (Manufacturing Process Planner)
  • Creation and application of product and manufacturing variants (Product-Configurator / Manufacturing Process Planner)
  • Robot simulation (Process Simulate on Teamcenter)

Data exchange / supplier collaboration


In cooperation with the company Bucher Netzwerke GmbH we have already successfully exchanged simulated data between two Teamcenter environments (Briefcase) and between Teamcenter and eM-Server (Collaboration Context Integration) and we are still actively promoting supplier integration. We have experience in the following areas:

  • Briefcase (Datenaustausch Teamcenter <-> Teamcenter)
  • Collaboration Context Integration (Datenaustausch Teamcenter <-> eM-Server)
  • PSZ-TC (Process Simulate Disconnected)

Administration, configuration and customization of Teamcenter


For Process Simulate on Teamcenter and the data exchange / supplier collaboration we have acquired profound knowledge in the setup and configuration of Teamcenter environments in the Windows environment.

Further information: IT-Services & Application-Management

Seminars based on Teamcenter


We are already in the process of expanding our existing eM-Server seminars to  Teamcenter-based seminars. The following seminars are currently under construction:

  • Process Simulate on Teamcenter Seminar

DopX on Teamcenter


In view of the current development and thus the requirement that our DopX system remains usable even when switching to the Teamcenter environment, there are already concrete implementation plans to implement DopX when using Teamcenter as database. The current generic approach follows the use of PSZ-TC files. A direct connection to the Teamcenter backbone as well as a study start via Teamcenter Manufacturing Access is carried out individually together with the customer if required.

Further information about DopX