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"Digital Factory" is the generic term for the digital, computer-aided safeguarding of all product-specific processes from the design of a product, through production, maintenance and recycling. A digital production plant is an image of a planned or real plant. This image is represented by geometric data in the CAD system (digitally on the computer) and can be displayed three-dimensionally.

We as ICARUS Consulting GmbH provide you with the know-how and our experience so that you can benefit from the advantages of this development - minimize the costs of planning and implementing your production processes!

We understand the digital factory as the unification of all development and planning processes, as well as the discovery and utilization of existing optimization processes in existing plants. For this purpose we use powerful tools for mapping and analysis. Due to our knowledge and experience in this area, complex problems and the combination of all areas of your projects are no problems for us.

Robot Simulation


Offline Programming

ICARUS Consulting GmbH is your partner when it comes to offline programming. We support you in the design, analysis, simulation and optimization of production plants - right from the start. With the help of powerful tools such as Process Simulate™ and Robcad™ we offer our customers the maximum possible security during the planning phase as well as full support during the construction of the real plant.

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3D Digitization


Geometric Acquisition / 3D Scanning

You want to bring your real plant into the digital world or check whether your plants and products still match your CAD data?

If so, it is necessary to carry out 3D geometry captures and professionally convert the data into digital models. We will show you what is necessary for this and whether your expectations are feasible, and accompany or take over this process for you.

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Material Flow Simulation


We carry out process/material flow simulations using the Plant software Simulation™ and thus offer an answer to the question: "What if ...?". Our know-how paves the way for you to achieve a high degree of planning reliability, to check strategies and to create optimized business processes including 3D visualizations.

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ICARUS Consulting GmbH also focuses on the topic "Teamcenter" and deals with the implementation of simulation work in the Manufacturing Process Planner (MPP) in combination with Process Simulate on Teamcenter™ (PSonTC), the supplier collaboration (Briefcase & CCI) as well as with the administration, configuration and customization of Teamcenter.

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IT-Services & Application-Management


The flawless operation of your IT infrastructure for the PLM and simulation systems is crucial for optimal use. Regular maintenance and flexible adaptation to new requirements are therefore a priority. We support you in providing an optimal infrastructure, optimizing maintenance processes and planning the implementation of upcoming release upgrades. For further development we are at your disposal by means of IT specialists with system-technical expertise.

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