3D digitization, 3D scanner, scanning, point cloud, digital twin

Digital Twin using 3D Scan

If you would like to prepare your production for simulation and transfer it digitally into the virtual world, an inventory by means of optical measuring methods is often indispensable. To illustrate this process, we have digitized our own office building in 3 basic phases:

The digitalization of your factory

Möchten Sie Ihre Produktion für die Simulation aufbereiten und digital in die virtuelle Welt übertragen, so ist eine Bestandsaufnahme mittels optischer Messverfahren oft unerlässlich. Um diesen Prozess zu veranschaulichen, haben wir in 3 grundlegenden Phasen unser eigenes Bürogebäude digitalisiert:

Phase 1 – 3D-Scan:

We use a 3D scanner to record the current status of the facility. Modern scanners can record large rooms as a point cloud without contact within a very short time. Photographs are taken from different points of view to avoid overshadowing and to build up a complete data set.

3D-Digitalisierung, 3D-Scanner, Scanning

Phase 2 - Data preparation:

The point clouds of the individual recording locations are linked by setting the coordinate systems in relation to each other using automated point cloud adjustment.

A clear picture of the entire system as a point cloud can already be obtained now.

Phase 3 - 3D modelling:

In the third phase the plant is modelled in 3D on the basis of the point cloud. Standard products, such as robots and certain attachments, can be imported from catalogues and positioned in the plant on the basis of the point cloud. All other parts and components are modeled on the basis of the point cloud. This can be done manually (AutoCAD, Microstation, etc..) or semi-automatically (ClearEdge 3D, Leica Cyclone, etc..). As a result we get a virtual representation of the entire plant.

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Use of point clouds in the simulation

Interfering contours in the plant do not necessarily have to be laboriously remodeled, but can also be imported directly into the simulation as a point cloud. Special collision algorithms, which monitor the simulation, then ensure smooth commissioning.

It is also possible to carry out a target/actual comparison with your CAD data set. By mapping the point cloud to CAD, you can check how accurately the CAD model you are working with corresponds to reality.

3D digitization 3D scanner, scanning, point cloud, digital twin