Robot simulation, robotics, OLP, offline programming, sealing, paint, car body construction

Offline Programming of robots

ICARUS Consulting GmbH is your partner when it comes to offline programming. We support you in the design, analysis, simulation and optimization of production plants - right from the start. With the help of powerful tools such as Process Simulate™ and Robcad™ we offer our customers the maximum possible security during the planning phase as well as full support during the construction of the real plant.

Corrosion Protection / Sealing


We take over or support the planning, design and analysis of corrosion protection and sealing systems in the following areas:

  • Fine seam sealing
  • Automatic stopper and mask setting, hole closure
  • Seam sealing in underbody and interior areas
  • Underbody protection
  • Cavity preservation
  • Rocker panel coatin
  • Liquid noise vibration harshness (NVH) application
  • Glass flange application
  • Roof ditch application
  • Laser soldering control
robot simulation, robotics, OLP, offline programming, sealing, corrosion protection, car body construction

With the help of mobile vision sensor technology on the robot, we recognise the position of the components in space and obtain optimum results. We also produce a comprehensive documentation of all seams for you.

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tesa® EfficienSeal


Following the automation trend in OEM paint shops, tesa has developed Sealing Patches outperforming plugs to seal car body holes combined with an specially designed end-arm tooling tesa® EfficienSeal for an automated application process. This provides efficiency and quality gains as well as reduction of non-ergonomic workplaces.

tesa® Sealing Patches come lined up on a roll, easy to handle in manual processes and perfect to handle by the tesa robot end-arm tooling!
A consistent process flow with a reliable automation that avoids error rates is the main goal.

robot simulation, robotics, OLP, offline programming, sealing, corrosion protection, car body construction

On the part of Icarus Consulting GmbH we entered this topic early on.
We have conducted simulation and accessibility studies in various projects in the run-up to the project, as well as accompanying the commissioning.

If you need information, have questions or need studies, please contact us.

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Surface Technology (interior/exterior painting and top coat)

robot simulation, robotics, OLP, offline programming, paint, lacquering, surface technology

In the field of automatic painting we provide a wide range of services. Our portfolio ranges from simple reachability studies, feasibility studies with cycle time determination, offline programming to program commissioning and their series optimization of all top coat layers with regard to layer thickness, color and appearance (e.g. gloss, effects, flow, etc.).

Learn more about Surface Technology

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Process Optimization and Virtual Commissioning


Process optimization by CEE (Cyclic Event Evaluation) simulation or PLC coupling using native robot syntax within Process Simulate™.

If required, we can extend your Process Simulate™ study to a line simulation study with all necessary signals for virtual validation of your process. Depending on your requirements, the study can be created as a CEE study, so that Process Simulate™ is operated as a standalone simulation system, or Process Simulate™ can be coupled to an external PLC to enable a complete virtual commissioning. Possible applications are:

  • Simulation of the signal exchange for setting and querying necessary interlocking zones
  • Handler application in paint booths or other necessary robot to robot communication
  • Virtual safeguarding of type or variant programs, repair painting and emergency concepts
  • Simulation of secondary processes such as cleaning runs, nozzle cleaning or nozzle change
Robot simulation, robotics, OLP, offline programming, car body construction, virtual commissioning, CEE, process optimization

You determine the level of detail and the implementation variant of your simulation! We would be pleased to support you with our know-how and advise you which implementation variant is best suited for your application.

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Hose Packages / Robot Cables

robot simulation, robotics, OLP, offline programming, hose package, robot cables

The more extensive the tasks and the more complex the hose packages of a robot are, the more important it becomes to map the interfering contour of the hose packages already in the simulation. This can prevent collisions and hose twists/breaks and thus minimize time and effort during commissioning.

Based on supplied CAD data, ICARUS creates Process Simulate components that simulate the movements of cables and hoses. By default, hoses for axes 1 to 6 are shown for both internal and external feeding. Furthermore, the flange position on the holder axis 6 can be individually adjusted by up to 5 axes. The created components are coupled to the robot component as equipment prototypes and integrated into the Process Simulate Library.

If you are interested please contact us!
Solutions for special kinematics can also be developed here, so that these movements can also be represented in Process Simulate.

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Mobile Robots


Within the framework of a project we have developed a mobile robot for grinding work on large components. A shelf-mounted robot from KUKA was selected for the system. Unique is the vertical 7th axis with a stroke of 2500mm to further increase the reach. This means that even very large components can be machined.

The grinding head is an ICARUS development with sensor technology from FESTO.

The robot is mounted on a mobile platform from WFT. This platform allows autonomous driving by means of transponders embedded in the floor.

In order for the system to work completely autonomously, bead scanners were used to secure the environment. These adapt to the interfering contours in any position.

robot simulation, robotics, OLP, offline programming, mobile robot
André Jürgens-Tatje (+49 151 550532-36 / )