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ICARUS Consulting GmbH can access a broad knowledge base due to many years of project work in the areas of online and offline robot programming with various robot controllers (KUKA, ABB, FANUC, DÜRR) as well as simulation systems (Process Simulate, 3DOnSite, ABB RobotStudio, Kuka.Sim).
This knowledge base is completed by a variety of software add-ons for the mainly used simulation systems ROBCAD and Process Simulate. As users* of Tecnomatix software products we are very familiar with the installation and configuration of these products.
Based on this knowledge, we offer seminars tailored to your application in the products ROBCAD, Process Designer, Process Simulate, PSonTC as well as combined seminars for on- and offline programming using our KUKA seminar robot.

Training is given on the version of the software suitable for the customer, so that a quick start to customer projects is possible after the seminar.
If necessary, end-customer-specific adaptations in the systems to be trained and the underlying database can be discussed in the seminars by arrangement.

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Our methods for effective learning:

  • Explanation of the menus and functions on the trainer PC and on the basis of the ICARUS seminar documents
  • Independent editing of practical examples on the PC
  • Independent setup of a new project with the help of sample libraries and import functions
  • Implementation of trainings in e-learning and sharepoint platforms (customer specific)

Seminars at ICARUS

The ICARUS Consulting GmbH can look back on more than 20 years of experience in the implementation of seminars. For our customers, we conduct seminars around the world on robotics in the fields of body shell construction, surface technology/painting and general mechanical engineering. Our references include almost all European automobile manufacturers and their suppliers.

Our trainer team consists of 7 trainers with practical experience and different special knowledge, so that we can react flexibly to your needs.

Process Designer / Process Simulate on eMS:
We have been conducting seminars for the Process Designer and Process Simulate on eMS since 2008. Due to our broadly diversified special knowledge we can also respond to special requirements such as human simulation, CEE (continuously running simulations) or the administration of the systems.
Since 2011 we have been entrusted with the implementation of the Process Designer and Process Simulate seminars for the Volkswagen Group Academy in the VW DIKAB environment.

Robot Expert:
If you need help getting started with Robot Expert, we can also provide you with an individual seminar offer.

Plant Simulation:
Since 2002 we have been conducting seminars for material flow simulation with Plant Simulation.

Process Simulate on Teamcenter (Standalone):
The seminar contents and the corresponding seminar environment are ready and waiting for the implementation.

The implementation of seminars by us started in 2001 with the first ROBCAD seminars. Over the years, we have trained in the use of ROBCAD and robot offline programming for the following robot controllers, among others: KUKA KR C2/ C4, ABB S4 / IRC 5, ABBS4 Paint, KUKA VKRC 2 / C4, FANUC RJ (Spot and Paint).

Training on the job

Within the scope of "training on the job" we can offer you the application of the seminar contents directly on your planning or simulation data. Our experience shows that this is target-oriented. In this way, a deepening of the seminar contents can be achieved in order to be fit for the upcoming project and simulation tasks.
We can offer you training on the job either at your premises or via an available online contingent.

Process Simulate on Teamcenter (PSonTC)

The combination of Teamcenter Manufacturing Process Planner (MPP) and Process Simulate on Teamcenter (PSonTC) will play a major role in the future in the field of robot simulation and offline programming of production plants in the automotive sector.
We also offer seminars for this application, which should enable the participants to successfully work on projects.
At the moment there are no fixed dates planned.

If you are interested in our seminar offer, please contact us.
In addition to the seminars listed above, we would also be pleased to design your individual seminar content.

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