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Since the beginning of 2011, ICARUS has been entrusted with the implementation of the Process Designer (PD) and Process Simulate (PS) seminars for the Volkswagen Group Academy in the VW DIKAB environment: Our service portfolio ranges from the creation of a seminar concept to the preparation of documents, the elaboration of exercises and the generation of training data to the seminar implementation.

DWe conduct the seminars not only for Volkswagen itself, but also for other brands in the VW Group (AUDI, PORSCHE, VW Commercial Vehicles, ...). In addition to the main training location Wolfsburg, we can also look back on references in Hanover, Ingolstadt, Stuttgart, Zwickau, Bratislava, Poznań and South Africa.

The circle of participants in the seminars includes not only employees of the Volkswagen Group, but also plant engineers and suppliers working for the Volkswagen Group.

The seminar program (presence and now also online possible) includes the following Process Designer seminars:

  • PD Basis, basic course (2 days)
  • PD advanced course in plant design (5 days)
  • PD Planning DiKab (5 days)
  • PD seminar according to VW supplier manual, among others for KeyUser (5 days)

We conduct these Process Simulate seminars for VW / AUDI:

  • Process Simulate Robotics and OLP: Welding, gluing, body-in-white system with offline programming of KUKA VKRC 4 robots (5 days)
  • Process Simulate for planners (2 days)
  • Process Simulate OLP with ABB: Body shop plant with offline programming of ABB robots according to VW group standard (2 days)
  • Process Simulate OLP KUKA VKRC 4 robot (3 days) (AUDI Academy)

All seminars are held regularly or, if required, as face-to-face events. Live online seminars are also possible and have already been held several times.

Please contact us if you are interested so that we can organize everything else together.

Jörg Smarsly (+49 151 550532-37 / )