Process Simulate, Seminar, OLP, Offline-Programmierung, Robotik, RCS, Controller


The basic knowledge about the structure of line simulation studies (continuous simulation) in Process Simulate is conveyed by means of an example project.
You will get to know the necessary functions, resources and viewers within Process Simulate to extend a given study to a CEE study (line simulation).

All those who want to get started or further educate themselves in working with Process Simulate in Line Simulation Mode.

Basic knowledge of Process Simulate, knowledge of robots is an advantage.

Learning goals:
Become familiar with the functions required to create a Line Simulation study. Creating and using sensors, programming of modules and logic blocks. Define the material flow in the study and control the component occurrence.

Day 1: CEE Simulation, the introduction

We are looking at a fully developed CEE study. Using the example, we get to know frequently used viewers and their functions.
At the end of the day...
           … you know how to start a Line Simulation Study.
           …  you will be able to have a look if it is not running.
           … you know what sensors, logic blocks and modules are in Process Simulate.
           … you know the requirements that have to be met to set up a CEE study.

Day 2: Define material flow, create conveyors and control the simulation process

We get to know the process to be simulated and work out the necessary logic together. This is then implemented to set up the line simulation study.
At the end of the day...​
          … you will be able to handle and create transitions in the Sequence Editor.
          … you know what conveyors are in Process Simulate, how they are created and controlled.
          … you will be able to control the occurrence of components in the study and define the material flow.

Day 3: Including a robot in the simulation, using the Module Viewer, coupling with external systems

On the last day of the seminar we focus on the integration of a robot into the previously created sequence, as well as on the possibilities of the Module Viewer. At the end of the seminar we will give an insight into the possibilities of coupling Process Simulate to external systems.
At the end of the day...​
          … you can add signals to robots.
          … you know how to start a robot in Line Simulation Mode.
          … you know the functions and possibilities of the Module Viewer.
          … you know the possibilities to connect Process Simulate with external systems.

Classroom seminar (3 days):

Currently there are no fixed attendance dates for the seminar Process Simulate introduction to CEE simulation (Cyclic Event Evaluation).

If you are interested, please contact us. We will be happy to make you an offer tailored to your personal needs.

- NEW – Live online seminar (3 days) - Conditions and dates:

We also offer this course as Live online seminar.

Based on the previous experience of the online seminars, the seminar duration per day is reduced compared to the face-to-face seminar. This results in a higher number of training days with the same content.

The trainer conducts the seminar via meeting software, presents the training material here and the tasks in Process Simulate / Process Designer are also demonstrated here.
The remote access of the participants to the ICARUS training notebooks is done via Microsoft Teams and practical exercises are performed independently. Since the notebooks are set up around the trainer's workstation, the trainer can provide assistance at any time if required.
Thus, two monitors are required for the participants.

The next dates:
There are currently no fixed dates planned.

If you are interested in an online course, please contact us for an offer and information about the conditions.

Hannes Otto (+49 151 550532-49 / )